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About Rodolph Brothers ...Doing What We Love

At Rodolph Brothers, our whole business is built around doing what we love, and doing it well. We take pride in building beautiful, enduring landscapes in new yards and updating the older landscapes with water and fire features. We enjoy caring for trees by fertilizing, diagnosing, treating and artistically trimming the full spectrum of Wyoming's trees. We work hard at maintaining our clients’ properties by diligently cleaning, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, and mowing. Rodolph Brothers exists not just as a company full of people who care about these things, but also as a company that is defined by integrity, honesty, and hard work.

We believe in treating our employees and clients with respect, and doing every job --big or small-- to the very best of our abilities. Mr. Rodolph taught that, "the job is not worth doing unless it is done to perfection," and this philosophy is one that Rodolph Brothers’ employees carry with them daily. The men at Rodolph Brothers are all strong, stable, men helping one another become better individuals, at work and at home. We strive to show all of our employees how much we appreciate them, and we teach them to show our clients how much their business is appreciated as well. Treating the men like assets and not overhead has created an environment that breeds happier workers and happier clients. Each and every man is expected to learn more about his craft. Whether this means becoming an arborist or master fountain builder, we encourage our employees to reach their fullest potential.

Another way we make sure our clients are happy and our work is done perfectly is by investing in the right equipment for the jobs we do. From precision-sharpened saws and blades to the most powerful compact tractors and lifts, we have what we need to perform at our best. Because of this, we can take pride in what we create for our clients.

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